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 Twitter feeds, RSS feeds  

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  Art Search

The US National Gallery of Art website includes tours of the Gallery's collections, in-depth study tours of specific artists and works, architecture tours of the Gallery facilities, and virtual tours of past and present exhibitions at the Gallery. You can also search for National Gallery art images by artist name or keywords, using this art search engine:

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  Art Search provides a free searchable database of works by over 8,000 famous artists in art museums and image archives worldwide. Search for artists or works by name, or search for museums by name or location.

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  More Art Images

The Web Gallery of Art is a searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1150-1800), with 14,555 images. Unfortunately, due to the frame structure of their new website, the revised gallery cannot be searched from here, so use the Web Gallery of Art Search Page

Mark Harden's The Artchive Artchive offers browser access in HTML format to over 2000 fine art scans from over 200 different artists.

  Online Art Image Museum Galleries & Exhibitions

The Metropolitan Museum of Art displays over 3500 works online (including the entire Department of European Paintings) and is searchable.

Art Images for College Teaching is designed for exchange of image resources among members of the educational community, maintained by the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. The images include sculpture and architecture, and have been declared royalty-free.

ArtSource is a list of links to online art exhibitions, provided by Interactive Learning Paradigms, Inc. is an online modern art museum, courtesy of Intel, seeking "to collaborate with the world's leading museums and exhibitors and in so doing, enhance and extend the art museum experience by presenting major exhibitions, works, and other art-related content online".

Philips Wouwerman - The Complete Works displays 58 paintings along with a biography of Wouwerman (1619-1668), a Dutch painter of hunting, landscape and battle scenes.

American Woodcarving displays photos of 26 woodcarvings from the Index of American Design at the National Gallery of Art.

  Art Photo Galleries & Photography Links

Photo Links includes over 30,000 photography listings in more than 80 categories, with daily updates.

The Daguerreian Society Daguerreian Society website displays dozens of fine examples of this facinating precursor to modern photographic media.

The American Museum of Photography consists of William Becker's collection of about 5,000 photos, organized into exhibitions.

Created by photographer Philip Greenspun, "is an online community of people sharing and improving their photography expertise". The site includes galleries of photos, how-to info, discussion forums, used equipment classifieds, and much more.

2005 Princeton Art of Science Exhibition

The Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center at Georgia Tech displays demos of research into character motion animation.

  Art News & Information Links

Art News has articles excerpted directly from the print magazine Art News, including many from back issues.

Founded in 1989 by a group of art dealers, Art Net is an Internet portal to the world of art, and a premier site on the web for art content.

Smithsonian Institution Art & Design links to sites hosted by Smithsonian Institution museums and organizations dealing with the visual arts.

  Art Employment Links

Art Deadline helps artists fulfill their financial needs. The categories of listings include: Call for Entries, Juried Exhibitions, Art Competitions, Art Festivals, Financial Aid, Artist Grants, Jobs for Artists, and many more.

Creative Shake offers creative professionals an online searchable directory for their services. The provide a free online portfolio displaying up to 20 samples of your work.

TIME Magazine
December 15, 1961, p. 75:

What's Up?
    Next to the statement "My five-year-old could do better than that," the most inevitable wisecrack about modern art is: "How do you know it's right side up?" Last week it turned out that the question is not as easy to answer as some of the cognoscenti like to think.

    A lady stockbroker named Genevieve Habert was on her third visit to the exhibition of paper cutouts by Henri Matisse at Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art when she became disturbed by a picture called The Boat. It seemed unnatural to her that what was meant to be a reflection in the water should be more detailed than the sailboat itself. Mrs. Habert checked with the catalogue, marched up to a guard to announce her discovery: The Boat had been hung upside-down.

    The guard, incredulous that his scholarly employers could make such a gaffe, haughtily told Mrs. Habert that the catalogue was at fault: "We can't be responsible for the printers." The artist's son, Dealer Pierre Matisse, had seen the show and noticed nothing wrong. Mrs. Habert stuck to her guns, in the end phoned the New York Times. Next morning, the museum took a second look at the picture, mumbled something about how "the labels on the back were put on upside down," and conceded that Mrs. Habert was right. The arbiter elegantiarum of modern art had let a work by one of the most prestigious of modern painters stand on its head for six weeks. Pierre Matisse was gallantry itself: "Mrs. Habert," said he "should be given a medal."
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  Free Art Books (.pdf downloads)

Leonardo Da Vinci 1908
Thomas Nast Paine 1904
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Caricature & Comic Art 1877
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    more art books
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  Free Photography Books (.pdf)

Panama Canal Autochromes 1913
California the Beautiful 1911
The Watkins Manual 1919
Agfa Photo Formulae 1910
Dry Plate Making 1886

    more photography books

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