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2006 St. Louis Rams Cheerleader 'Kate'
St. Louis Rams
2006 Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader 'Heidi'
Kansas City Chiefs
2006 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Monica Moore
Monica Moore
Dallas Cowboys

2006 Tampa Bay Bucs Cheerleader Monica Littlejohn
Monica Littlejohn
Tampa Bay Bucs
2006 Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader 'Tara W'
Tara W
Cincinnati Bengals
2006 Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader 'Carey'
Atlanta Falcons

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2006 Indiana Pistons Dancer 'Darcy'
Indiana Pacers Pacemates
2006 Timberwolves Dancer 'Shayna'
Minnesota T-Wolves Dancers

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College FB
Aug 2007 UCA Cheerleader Camp

09/2006 USC, Arkansas, UCLA, Texas, Oregon, Notre Dame
1/08/2006 Texas, Ohio State, Florida, Alabama
11/08/2005 USC, Miami, Tex, N Dame, TN, Penn St
11/01/2005 Florida, Miami, VaTech, USC, Georgia
10/25/2005 UCLA, Arkansas, Georgia
10/18/2005 Penn St, Mich, USC, WVa, Tex Tech

College BB
1/18/2006 Duke, Texas, Florida

Aug 2007 Ravens, Colts, Bills, Cowboys
Aug 2007 Bucs, Cowboys, Chargers, Ravens

1/18/2006 Broncos, Colts, Bucs
12/20/2005 - 12/13/2005 - 12/06/2005 - 11/29/2005 - 11/22/2005 - 11/15/2005
11/08/2005 Dolphins, Redskins
11/01/2005 Broncos, Chargers, Patriots
10/25/2005 Dolphins, Eagles, Bengals
10/18/2005 Cowboys, Broncos, Bucs & Ravens

3/01/2006 76ers, Suns, Nets, Mavericks
2/10/2006 Heat, Magic, Rockets, Pistons
2/01/2006 Clippers, Pacers, Cavaliers, Bucks
1/25/2006 Heat, Spurs, Lakers
1/17/2006 Lakers, Spurs, Clippers
11/09/2005 Lakers, Blazers, Wolves

College & NFL Football
10/11/2005 Falcons, 49ers, Packers, USC, UCLA, Texas, OK, Tenn, Georgia
10/04/2005 Titans, Raiders, USC, Wisc, Dolphins, Bengals, Bucs, Missouri,
   Ala, Miami, WVa, Saints

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The New York Times, October 9, 1959:

New York Giants 1959 Cheerleaders: Bev Bush, Debbie Flood, Lynn Hoffman, Mimi Nolte, Peggy Flood, and their leader Betty Cashman

Football Giants Add Dimpled Cheer

10 Girl Cheerleaders to Lead Rah-Rahing at Stadium Games

    The ponderous beefeaters of football known as the New York Giants will turn to dimpled knees and twirling skirts to please the customers this season.

    For the first time in the clubs thirty-five-year history, girl cheerleaders have been recruited by the Giant management. Their job will be to bring some organized rah-rahing to the home games and also to make it less painful for the players doing and dying for dear old Mara Tech.

    Five of the ten-girl contingent and the blond scout who hunted them up presented an interesting study for photographers yesterday at the Giant's offices at Columbus Circle.

    All the girls, ranging in age from 17 to 20, wore high heels. Two tenderly cradled footballs. None will have to lose a pound to make the team.

    The scout who did the recruiting is Betty Cashman, a fine-looking, 25-year-old freelance model who has been a loyal Giant supporter for years. Miss Cashman, who resides in Garden City, L.I., searched far and wide for the cheerleading talent.
    She recruited one girl, Lynn Hohmann, a 19-year-old sophomore at Hofstra, while she was sunbathing at an Atlantic Beach (L.I.) resort this summer. She signed Debbie Flood, 19, and her sister, Peggy, 17, at the office of her physician.

    The Giants will provide expenses for the girls' transportation to and from Yankee Stadium. No one will be paid for on-the-field antics, although each has had cheerleading experience in high school.
    In addition to Miss Hohmann and the Flood girls, the cheerleaders are Bev Bush (20, blond) from Garden City, L.I., Mimi Nolte (19, brunette), Garden City, and five girls who are sophomores at Marymount College--Marylynn Creegan, Mary Berner, Joan Groaik, Kay Buckley and Mary Beth Hoffman.

    According to Miss Cashman, her cheerleaders will be no skirt and sweater wearers. The girls will be outfitted in royal-blue dresses of Bermuda length (Modern Juniors by Mona Roset) and blue-and-white turtleneck leotites.
    "Our footwear will be distinctive too," Miss Cashman said airily. "My girls will wear blue, high-laced leather sneakers. They're by Capezio, you know."

    As for the players themselves, they'll probably adore Miss Cashman and her fashionable cheerleaders. As yet, though, nobody's dared tell the players about the whole thing.

2005 USC cheerleaders-- click to see entire photo at Sports Illustrated cheerleaders photo gallery

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