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TV Guide To find out when your favorite actors, shows or movies will be on television in the next two weeks, search the TV Guide listings by keywords:

find this: is a database of over 16,000 TV shows, past and present, including data on specific episodes, casts, and more, which you can search with this form:

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Formerly Ultimate TV, Zap2It is the original US TV listings website, with news, program listings, Nielsen ratings, and more.

Satellite TV Program Guides: DirecTV - DISH Network

Sky TV Program Guide provides listings for many UK TV channels.

Turner Classic Movies provides the best variety of classic films on TV. Their website has movie clips and trailers, photo galleries, games & trivia, and more. You can search the TCM movie database from here:

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Searching the PBS-TV website for programs you can watch online produces over 3300 results, including a few entire episodes of NOVA, and many episodes of programs like Frontline and Scientific American Frontiers. You can also search for individual stories from News Hour to view online.
Find out what's on your local PBS station tonight by entering your zipcode below:

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Hulu is an online video service that brings together a large selection of videos from over 225 leading content companies, including FOX, NBC Universal, ABC, ABC Family, Biography, Lionsgate, Endemol, MGM, MTV Networks, National Geographic, Digital Rights Group, Paramount, PBS, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros. and more. Users can choose from more than 2,600 current primetime TV shows.

find this: stocks almost every title: classic TV, and the latest shows:

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Freee TV provides free access to over 1500 video streams from around the world.

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More free TV sites:
ATDHE -Streamick - World TV PC - Free Tube - - Fromsport provides over 6000 channels of live streaming video, free.

Ustream is another, similar, live streaming video site.

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TV Search: The DMOZ Open Directory searches for keywords in website titles and descriptions (not page content). You can limit your search to the entire TV category, TV Guides, TV Networks, TV Stations, TV Programs, Episode Guides, Satellite TV, Cable TV, or TV Commercials.

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The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hands out the annual Emmy awards.

The Museum of TV & Radio has online exhibits of TV & Radio history.

Google Usenet Newsgroups:

YouTube is a free video sharing site, for people to watch and share their own original videos. Not surprisingly, search results include many videos which users did not shoot themselves, but recorded off TV or DVDs and then uploaded. You can search for YouTube videos above and the results will appear on this page, or use the form below for results in a new tab or window:

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Vimeo is another user video upload site, similar to YouTube, but concentrating on higher quality and more original content.

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TIME Magazine, April 23, 1956:

    TV ON TAPE will soon be in use. Ampex Corp., maker of top-quality tape recorders, has developed a new TV tape recorder that does a clearer, more economical job of reproducing TV programs than the kinescope system [filming off a TV monitor] currently in use, can record an hour-long program on a 14-in. roll of [2 inch wide] tape. Columbia Broadcasting System has ordered three of the new machines (at $75,000 each), will substitute them for kinescopes this August.

TIME Magazine, May 19, 1961, p. 53:

Television: "The People Own the Air"
    The toughest TV critic yet to appear in the U.S. last week dared the station and network operators and owners to sit down in front of their sets from sign-on to sign-off. They would see, he told them, "a vast wasteland-- a procession of game shows, violence, audience participation shows, formula comedies about totally unbelievable families, blood and thunder, mayhem, violence, sadism, murder, western bad men, western good men, private eyes, more violence, and cartoons. And endlessly, commercials-- many screaming, cajoling and offending. And, most of all, boredom."

    The critic was Newton N. Minow, 35, new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and his audience was the National Association of Broadcasters' convention in Washington. Accustomed to a mild FCC that never interfered with programing, the TV owners and operators were more deeply shaken by Minow's blast than they had been by the quiz show scandals or anything else in TV history.

    Debts to Be Paid. Lawyer Minow refused to accept the broadcaster's argument that they are only giving the public what it wants... Ratings are at best only "an indication of how many people saw what you gave them... I am not convinced that the people's taste is as low as some of you assume..."

    Even if "people would more often prefer to be entertained than stimulated of informed," said Minow, "your obligations are not satisfied if you look only to popularity... It is not enough to cater to a nation's whims-- you must also serve the nation's needs. The people own the air... For every hour that the people give you, you owe them something. I intend to see that your debt is paid with service..."

    How to Bridge the Gap. While promising that there would be no censorship, Minow announced that the FCC will no longer automatically renew the licenses of stations that insist on lowest-common-denominator programing. In the future, the agency will hold public hearings on stations whose performance has not measured up to their promise to offer a diversified output. "For those few of you who really believe that the public interest is merely what interests the public," said Minow, "I hope these hearings will arouse no little interest."

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