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  Internet Video Search Engines & Video Search Links

Google Video search (which can also be accessed via the forms at the top of every page at quickfound.net) includes videos from YouTube and countless other sources across the Internet.

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MSN Video Microsoft's Bing Video Search can be done with the form below (or with the forms at the top of every page at quickfound.net):

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Yahoo! Video Search as of this writing, uses the MSN Bing index and produces results identical to Bing. advanced search

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  YouTube Video Search Engines & Video Search Links

YouTube is a free video sharing site, owned by Google, for people to watch and share their own original videos. Not surprisingly, search results include many videos which users did not shoot themselves, but recorded off TV or DVDs and then uploaded. You can search for YouTube videos above and the results will appear on this page, or use the form below for results in a new tab or window:

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AOL Video Search is now "Powered by YouTube" produces only results from YouTube.

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  Other Site-Specific Video Search Engines & Video Search Links

Vimeo is another user video upload site, similar to YouTube, but concentrating on higher quality and more original content.

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Hulu is an online video service that brings together a large selection of videos from over 225 leading content companies, including FOX, NBC Universal, ABC, ABC Family, Biography, Lionsgate, Endemol, MGM, MTV Networks, National Geographic, Digital Rights Group, Paramount, PBS, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros. and more. Users can choose from more than 2,600 current primetime TV shows.

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  Live Streaming Video Website Search & Links

Ustream provides thousands of channels of live streaming video, free.

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Justin.tv is another live streaming video site, similar to Ustream.

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Livestream is another live streaming video site, similar to Ustream & Justin.tv.

  Free Live Television Streaming Links

Freee TV provides free access to over 1500 video streams from around the world.

  Live TV Selector

More free TV sites:
ATDHE -Streamick - World TV PC - Free Tube - free-tv.dk - Fromsport

  WWW Video Player Links

WEB VIDEO PLAYERS & PAGES: YouTube - Hulu - Yidio - OV Guide - Fancaster
NEWS: CNN - FOX - CBS - NBC - CNBC - NBC News - MSN Bing
NEWS: BBC - Canadian CTV - Aussie ABC   |   The Weather Channel
FINANCIAL: Bloomberg Live - CNBC
SPORTS: ESPN - CBS - FOX (via MSN) - Aussie ABC - BBC (UK Only) - Eurosport 
ENTERTAINMENT: ABC - TV.com - FTV - CBC - Australian ABC
MUSIC: MTV - VH1 - BBC Radio Player
Live Streams: NASA: UStream HD - ISS TV UStream HD
    Bloomberg: WMV - KCTV Seoul: WMV - Live Sports TV Selector (popup)

  mp4: h.264 Movie-Video File Compression Freeware

HandBrake "is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows." HandBrake is freeware that uses the h.264 codec and an mp4 (MPEG-4) file container to compress video to much smaller file sizes than the standard DVD (MPEG-2) codec/container, while preserving quality.

Although it has a steeper learning curve, Avidemux can do most of what Handbrake does, and do many other useful things as well. "Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs."

  DVD Decrypting-Backup Freeware

DVD Shrink freeware does much of what DVD X Copy used to do (extract, decrypt, and compress DVD files), and does it for free, but without documentation or tech support. Although DVDShrink has been under legal attack, at last check it could still be downloaded at AfterDawn.

DVD Decrypter freeware will extract the files from a DVD and decrypt them, but will not compress them to fit on one recordable disc the way DVD Shrink does. It also has some capabilities that DVD Shrink lacks. It has been reported that Macrovision purchased the rights to DVD Decrypter and changed the license to prevent anyone from acquiring it--thus it may now be very difficult to find. However, at last check Video Help still has pages with good links to places where you can download DVD Decrypter, as well as similar tools such as DVDFab Decrypter.

RipIt4Me freeware, used in conjunction with DVD Decrypter (and, if necessary, DVD Shrink), helps backup recently-released copy protected DVDs with new forms of encrypting (such as ARccOS and RipGuard DVD) which those older programs cannot handle by themselves. FixVTS is also said to be helpful with some difficult to backup DVDs. RipIt4Me user guide - user guide 2

VobBlanker is a freeware editing tool that allows you to remove unwanted VTS video titles, warnings, etc. from the DVD files you backup on your hard drive before you burn a copy disc.

  Blank DVD+R & DVD-R Media

Get blank DVDs at the lowest prices. At the Super Media Store you can save up to 70% on blank DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, DVD+Rs, DVD+RWs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, flash memory, and printer ink cartridges. Super Media Store sells quality blank Taiyo Yuden 8x DVDs for as low as 24¢ each in quantity, and the prices keep dropping. Blank DVD brand names also include Ritek, Optodisc, Samsung, Memorex, Verbatim, Radius and ProDisc. They have a 30 day return guarantee for most media, 15 days for most hardware (see website for details). They ship via UPS to the US, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. The do not ship internationally.

Meritline also has ultra-low prices on blank optical media, including blank DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, as well as blank CD-R and CD-RW discs.

  DVD Burning & DVD Authoring Software; DVD-RW, CD-RW Burning Software

Nero burning software provides over 20 applications in ONE solution with ease of use and cutting-edge technology for burning CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Roxio Easy Media Creator is the leading DVD and CD burning software package. Roxio also makes and sells the PhotoSuite® digital photo editor, VideoWave® video editor, VideoWave movie creator, Easy DVD Copy, and Toast MacOS DVD/CD burner software packages.

ImgBurn is a freeware CD, DVD,HD-DVD, & Blu-Ray burner (recorder) that you can use to move your DVD backups from your hard drive to a recordable or rewritable disc if you do not have Nero, Roxio, or other commercial software to do so.

  DVD Player Software

Long known for quality graphics software, Corel sells the top-rated WinDVD Software DVD Player which provides a quality picture and sound with additional features only possible on a PC.

CyberLink offers complete digital home entertainment software, including PowerDVD DVD player, PowerVCR video recording, and PowerDirector video editing software.

  DVD Player Freeware, mp4 Video Player Freeware

Daum Potplayer is, as of this writing, the best freeware DVD player, and the best player for many other video and audio files as well. Potplayer is written by the original programmer of KM Player. It has dozens of useful options, including capturing single or multiple still frames, video clips and audio clips, and for choosing which "filter" (decoder) you wish to use to display the video.

Media Player Classic looks like Windows Media Player 6.4, but has additional features, including a DVD player with real-time zoom and single still frame capture. It is very compact and places a relatively low load on your PC, and thus is particularly good for those whose PCs have had difficulty with other DVD playing software.

VLC media player is a freeware multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It can capture and save still frames from the video you are playing. Versions are available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and other operating systems.

  DVD Backup Help Websites:

AfterDawn - Video Help - Doom9

  DVD Technical Information, DVD Specifications, Blu-ray Information...

The official DVD specs are kept in large books that cost $5,000. Much info, however, can be found for free at the sites below:

Wikipedia: DVD - Blu-ray Disc

Doom9: DVD Backup Glossary

dvddemystified.com: DVD FAQ

MPEG.org: DVD Technical Notes
DVD-Replica: Unofficial DVD Specification Guide
wwwdotorg.org: DVD Documentation
dvdburning.biz: DVD Filesystem Overview
ECMA: DVD-ROM specs, 2.09MB .pdf
    ISO-9660 filesystem spec, .pdf - UDF filesystem spec, .pdf
OSTA: UDF 1.02 filesystem documentation, .pdf
sourceforge.net: Programmer's DVD-Video Information
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  Online Video Archives:

    The Internet Moving Images Archive contains educational films, industrial films, newsreels, movie trailers, classic TV shows & commercials, full length movies, all free to download, including 2000 films from the Prelinger Archives on everyday life, culture, industry, and institutions in North America in the 20th century. Typical industrial/educational film titles include A is for Atom (1953) and The Woodworker (1940). The films are full-length and can be viewed online or downloaded in MPEG-2, DiVX 4.11, or VCD format.
    The Moving Images Archive contains videos from other sources as well, and the Internet Archive search engine can also be used to find audio, texts, software, and archived old versions of web pages cached on their "Wayback Machine." Advanced Search

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    The Open Video Project is "a repository of digitized video content for the digital video, multimedia retrieval, digital library, and other research communities." You can search or browse through over 3,900 free downloadable videos there, most of which are in MPEG format. The collection includes, for example, 614 NASA videos.

find this: in:   with these attributes:   Genre:   duration:   format:

and/or these attributes:   color:   sound:   language:

creation date: From eg.: 1965   From to eg.: 1965 to 1990  

The American Memory Collection at the US Library of Congress Motion Picture and Television Reading Room includes several hundred early motion pictures that are viewable online in Real Video format, and downloadable in MPEG or QuickTime format. The collection includes early animated films, 1900-1921, films of factory work at Westinghouse, 1904, scenes from San Francisco, 1897-1916, scenes from New York City, 1898-1906, vaudeville performances from 1870-1920, scenes from the Spanish-American War 1898-1901, and more.

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